/bim / (say beem)

1. a thick, long piece of timber, shaped for structural use.
2. a similar piece of metal, stone, etc.
3. Building Trades one of the main horizontal supporting members in a building or the like, as for supporting a roof or floor.
4. Shipbuilding one of the strong transverse pieces of timber or metal stretching across a ship to support the deck, hold the sides in place, etc.
5. Nautical
a. the side of a vessel, or the direction at right angles to the keel, with reference to the wind, sea, etc.
b. the greatest breadth of a ship.
6. the widest part.
7. Machinery
a. an oscillating lever of a steam engine, transferring the motion from piston rod to crankshaft.
b. a roller or cylinder in a loom, on which the warp is wound before weaving.
c. a similar cylinder on which cloth is wound as it is woven.
8. the transverse bar of a balance from the ends of which the scales or pans are suspended.
9. a ray, or bundle of parallel rays, of light or other radiation.
10. the angle at which a microphone or loudspeaker functions best.
11. the cone-shaped range of effective use of a microphone or loudspeaker.
12. a gleam; suggestion: a beam of hope.
13. Radio, Aeronautics a signal transmitted along a narrow course, used to guide pilots through darkness, bad weather, etc.
verb (t)
14. to emit in or as in beams or rays.
15. Radio to transmit (a signal) on a narrow beam.
verb (i)
16. to emit beams, as of light.
17. to look or smile radiantly.
18. broad in the beam, Colloquial (of a person) very wide across the buttocks.
19. fly (or ride) the beam, Radio, Aeronautics to be guided by a radio beam.
20. off (the) beam,
a. not on the course indicated by a radio beam.
b. wrong; incorrect; out of touch with the situation.
c. Colloquial crazy.
21. on the beam,
a. Nautical at right angles with the keel.
b. on the course indicated by a radio beam.
c. Colloquial just right; exact; correct; in touch with the situation.
{Middle English beem, Old English bēam tree, piece of wood, ray of light}
beamed, adjective
beamless, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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